Chris Angeloni

Postdoc studying the neural basis of planning. Likes making bikes, beer and art.


I am a post-doctoral researcher in Dan Dombeck’s lab collaborating with Malcolm MacIver to study how mice plan in the presence of a dynamic predator robot.

I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania in Maria Geffen’s lab where I studied how efficient neural codes in the brain impact our ability to hear sounds.

In my free time, I make art, beer and ride/work on bikes.


2021.11.04 – Come to APAN (poster 94) and SfN (poster P443.02), where I am presenting a poster on the role of efficient coding in perception.

2021.08.11 – Check out my preprint where we show how contrast gain control in the auditory cortex affects acoustic percepts!

2021.08.03 – Aaron’s preprint studying how sound affects visual coding in V1 is out!

2021.04.12 – Check out Alex’s preprint on how predictive coding is regulated by cortico-fugal projections.

2020.06.02 – Kath’s preprint on cortical plasticity during fear conditioning is out!